Hello there and thanks for checking out my portfolio! I provide brand development, strategic consulting and creative services for progressive candidates and political organizations (and some outstanding non-political clients too).

Here's some more of my recent work. There's not a great deal of written context yet, as I am currently getting ready to launch a new product! But if you're interested I'd love to talk with you about my design process and how I develop solutions with my clients. You can learn more about me on this page, or you're welcome to get in touch with me here.

Hawks for U.S. House (2015) Hawks for U.S. House (2015)
Road to Victory (2015) Road to Victory (2015)
Analytics Evite (2015) Analytics Evite (2015)
Philly Emblem (2015) Philly Emblem (2015)
GOTV Bus (2014) GOTV Bus (2014)
E-Night Flyers (2014) E-Night Flyers (2014)