Hello there! I provide brand development, strategic consulting and creative services for progressive candidates and political organizations (and some outstanding non-political clients too).

Here's some more of my recent work. There's not a great deal of written context yet, as I am currently getting ready to launch an awesome new product! But if you're interested I'd love to talk with you about my design process and how I develop solutions with my clients. You can learn more about me on this page, or you're welcome to get in touch with me here.

Pie-O-My! (2015) Pie-O-My! (2015)
Bluestem Initiatives (2015) Bluestem Initiatives (2015)
Holiday Event (2014) Holiday Event (2014)
GOTV Bus (2014) GOTV Bus (2014)
E-Night Flyers (2014) E-Night Flyers (2014)