Hello and thanks for checking out my design portfolio. I provide brand development, strategic consulting and creative services for progressive candidates and political organizations – and some outstanding non-political clients too.

Here's some more of my recent work. Case studies are on the way, but for now I invite you to join my email list for studio updates, curated design links and special offers. You can also learn a little more about me here or get in touch directly.

Knight Packs (2015) Knight Packs (2015)
CLEF (2015) CLEF (2015)
Locktoberfest (2015) Locktoberfest (2015)
Bernie T-Shirts (2015) Bernie T-Shirts (2015)
Road to Victory (2015) Road to Victory (2015)
Philly Emblem (2015) Philly Emblem (2015)
GOTV Bus (2014) GOTV Bus (2014)
E-Night Flyers (2014) E-Night Flyers (2014)