From scripts, planning, and crews, to titles, animation, editing, post-production, and advertising – my team combines an eye for detail with the experience to make the most of your digital video budget. Here's some of our recent work.


“A kid from southwest Little Rock”

Frank Scott, Jr. was just elected Little Rock Mayor: "It's time for visionary leadership in our state's capital city. It's time for new and bold plans to solve old problems. It's time to put purpose to our potential." 2018 Reed Award Winner: Best Web Video For Mayoral Candidate.

“A cowboy for Governor”

Senator Billie Sutton knows we can conquer the challenges facing our state with the South Dakota values of honesty, integrity, and hard work. A fifth-generation South Dakotan, Billie learned these values growing up on the family ranch. 2018 Reed Award Winner: Best Web Video For Democratic Statewide Candidate; 2018 Reed Award Finalist: Best Use of Video on Social Platform; Overall Best Web Video.



Kelsea describes her family and life with Billie in this digital spot.


Closer digital spot for Billie Sutton for Governor featuring Billie’s son.


“Number 1”

Secretary of State Steve Simon has led the way to help make Minnesota first in the nation in voter turnout.

“Take That, Wisconsin”

A companion to the “Number 1” spot. We ran this for fun on social media in the week before Steve’s re-election.



No one should be able to place an arbitrary value on human life. This is one of many pieces of creative produced for Protect AR Families.


Arkansas courts should be beyond reproach - fair and equal for all people, free from bias or politics. 


DFL Convention Logo loop

2018 State Convention logo and DFL logo loop for large convention center screen display.

DFL election night logo loop

On-screen graphics for election night party hosted by the DFL.